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Two weeks ago, the Guardian, in collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation, unveiled a new section of its website — Guardian Cities — so to shine a spotlight on the urbanisation of the world, whilst highlighting resilience, environmental, sustainability, social, and poverty issues…
MovingCities is very pleased to be included! As such we’ve selected 45 urban images from our 460 posts-archive  [see sitemap]. Continue reading “Guardian Cities | city bloggers”

Zhang Lei | publication

Zhang Lei (AZL) | Nanjing, March 2010
Zhang Lei interview

Bert de Muynck | MovingCities published in a recent issue of MARK magazine an interview with Chinese architect Zhang Lei 张雷 [Atelier ZhangLei 张雷联合建筑事务所]. In the interview, the Nanjing-based architect talks about his recently completed projects such as Split House and Brick House. Furthermore talk went about Chinese architecture in the 1980s, CIPEA, and his desire to become more middle of the road and keeping his work under control. Now online. Continue reading “Zhang Lei | publication”

Nanjing | skyline

Nanjing skyline | March 13, 2010

Another birds’ eye glimpse of Nanjing. This time not a mega-maquette, but a fragmented metropolitan view on 1:1 scale seen from the two different hotels we stayed. From there Nanjing’s urban and architectural development looks rather mature. Overall there is an absence of large stretches of uniform zoning, as Nanjing presents itself as a fragmented mix of low and high-rises, of the bland and the beautiful. Continue reading “Nanjing | skyline”

Nanjing | Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

Nanjing Urban Planning Museum & Exhibition Hall | April 9 2010

There are many ways to get a grip on the immensity of any Chinese city. One way to understand the development – besides driving through, seeing from a rooftop or by wandering around – is to head to the local urban planning museum. Typically these spaces exhibit the largest scale-model you ever saw, while the corridors are draped with explanations about planning strategies, new iconic buildings and historical developments. Continue reading “Nanjing | Urban Planning Exhibition Hall”

Nanjing | CIPEA

CIPEA | March 13, 2010

While in Nanjing last March, MovingCities visited the CIPEA-project along with architect Zhang Lei. CIPEA stands for China International Practical Exhibition of Architecture and features a collection of architectural structures designed by Steven Holl Architects, Amateur Architecture Studio, Ettore Sottsass, SANAA, David Adjaye, Mathias Klotz, SANAKSENAHO Architects, Odile Decq and many others. Some background and snapshots. Continue reading “Nanjing | CIPEA”

Shanghai >> Nanjing | by bus

Shanghai - Nanjing | April 7, 2010

As we’re resuming posting and tweaking the site, we start with a few snapshots from our April trip from Shanghai [上海] to Nanjing [南京]. After the train, a semi-parallel set off pictures shot from the bus: villages, malls, highways, fields and factories. In no particular order; China’s highways are construction-site corridors. Continue reading “Shanghai >> Nanjing | by bus”

Shanghai >> Nanjing | by train

Shanghai - Nanjing | March 13, 2010

[re-post] During the past month, MovingCities went twice to Nanjing, once by train, once by bus. Once to meet up with Chinese architect Zhang Lei 张雷 – the interview with him will be published in June/July issue of MARK Magazine -, once to present at the Think Green Global Forum. Snapshots while speeding, from East to West, from Shanghai to Nanjing, at 200 km/h through the Yangtze River Delta. Continue reading “Shanghai >> Nanjing | by train”