Santiago de Chile | Two Tales

Alejandro Aravena & Ricky Burdett | London School of Economics | by Levent Kerimol

While in Santiago de Chile, MovingCities sporadic contributor Levent Kerimol visited the much acclaimed Elemental’s La Pintana and Lo Espejo housing projects and scanned Ciudad Abierta – Valparaiso University’s architectural playground (dixit Diego Grass Puga). Levent files a report and tells two tales of how an architect’s attempts to change the world are obstructed by his ego. Continue reading “Santiago de Chile | Two Tales”

Brussels | Ground Euro & Operation Facelift

Ground Euro | May 5, 2009

The recent plans developed for Ground Euro painfully show the reality of the city of Brussels. On top of that, the infamous Capital of Europe was recently unmasked as the most boring city in Europe and a fire broke out in the Berlaymont building, the European Union commission’s headquarters. Between 2003 and 2006 MovingCities followed and participated in the discussion around the presence of the European Union in Brussels and recently went back to take a couple of snapshots and follow-up on the new facelift-strategy for the area. Continue reading “Brussels | Ground Euro & Operation Facelift”

London | blue doughnuts

London, a city of 33 boroughs and 1 Boris. With a change in mayor, it seems a change of course for the city is at hand. Or not? Are we just heating up the “blue doughnut”?
Lev sharpens the discussion about the “best city in the world”, in his first dispatch.

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Old is the New New | publication

Beijing Hutongs | Beijing, 2006

Urbane, tag line China’s only English-language monthly magazine devoted to architecture, design, lifestyle, travel and real estate, has its August issue out. Bert de Muynck | movingcities contributed to it with a short article on Beijing’s hutong hallucinations and the launch of a new urban pressure group, the Friends of New Beijing. Continue reading “Old is the New New | publication”

Decolonizing Architecture | Interview

Decolonizing Architecture

movingcities interviewed Alessandro Petti and Sandi Hilal on their new project, ‘Decolonizing Architecture’. Set up in collaboration with Eyal Weizman, and produced by the Haudenschild Foundation, the project attempts to use architecture as an “arena of speculation” about possible futures of Palestine. Continue reading “Decolonizing Architecture | Interview”

Bethlehem | The Wall

The West Bank Wall separating Bethlehem from Jerusalem | Bethlehem, March 4, 2008

Moving from Bethlehem to Jerusalem, we crossed the ‘concrete chainsaw’ as the French-Israeli director Simone Bitton calls the West Bank Wall in her documentary film Mur. Experiencing this separation and division in space, time and of people through walls and checkpoints, it is impossible to remain uncritical. A last post on Bethlehem.

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Beit Sahour | Bethlehem snapshots

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