M Shanghai Litfest 2015 | workshop

LITFEST2015 | MovingCities Writing Workshop

As part of the upcoming Shanghai International Literary Festival 2015 [ programme writers tickets ] MovingCities will conduct a writing workshop, called “Paper skylines, a Shanghai workshop” on Friday November 6, 2015, from 3-5 pm at M on the Bund in Shanghai 上海.
Other writers, architects and scholars invited for the Shanghai International Literary Festival 2015 include WAI Architecture Think Tank, Michael Meyer, Matjaž Tančič, a North Korea Panel of Specialists: From The Outside Looking In and the outcome of the That’s Shanghai: Erotic Fiction Competition.
Info, flashback and preview after the break. Continue reading “M Shanghai Litfest 2015 | workshop”

CLOG : SCI-FI | Shanghai SCI-FI Skyline

CLOG 'SCI-FI' | Summer 2013

With the end of 2013 fast approaching, we still wish to point at the SCI-FI issue of CLOG.
An architecture-related magazine, “CLOG explores, from multiple viewpoints and through a variety of means, a single subject particularly relevant to architecture now.” Selected by Gizmodo as one of the best books of 2013, this issue “susses out how pop culture’s wildest fantasies have wiggled their way into the real world—often by way of radical skyscrapers, unexpected material science, and urban planning.MovingCities contributed with a short text called Shanghai SCI-FI Skyline. Continue reading “CLOG : SCI-FI | Shanghai SCI-FI Skyline”

Shanghai | Skyline Scan

Shanghai | February 12, 2012

After scanning the satellite towns of Shanghai 上海, MovingCities went scanning the city’s skyline. This time around no subway travels to the end of town, but static research: a series, spanning two months, of skyline snapshots as seen from our window. Continue reading “Shanghai | Skyline Scan”

Shenzhen | Super Skyline

Shenzhen | November 12, 2011

We’ve seen Shenzhen 深圳 changing during the past few years. We’ve seen its skyline, alas, reaching for the sky. We’ve seen the 441.8 meter Shenzhen Tower (aka the KK100, architect TFP Farrells) raising up from the ground, being constructed in-between the towers and now finally completed. Continue reading “Shenzhen | Super Skyline”

Shenzhen | seasonal skylines

Shenzhen | March 16, 2011

One city, two seasons and three skylines. Cities in-between the crisp and cloudy, cities in-between the fog and the flash. Cities for future fishes. Another chapter, case-study Shenzhen 深圳, in yet another unfinished essay on China’s urban development. Skyline-cities are some of our other favorite cities. In winter, and spring. Continue reading “Shenzhen | seasonal skylines”

South Africa | Cape Town Table Mountain

Table Mountain, Cape Town | January 5, 2011

A short series of snapshots from on top of Cape Town’s Table Mountain. A background to the city – for those interested in architecture, design and creative industries emerging and happening in Cape Town – is provided by the World Design Capital Bid 2014 | Cape Town-website. Post such as ‘Claiming The City’s Urban Landscapes‘ [by Lorelle Bell & Alexandra Jongens], ‘Creative Design is the Sign of our Times‘ [by Sune Stassen], ‘Don’t Limit the Horizons of our City‘ [by Iain Harris] and ‘Cape Town, a Design City‘ [by Felicity Purchase] might shed a light on the discussion about Cape Town‘s identity and ambition. Continue reading “South Africa | Cape Town Table Mountain”

Ningbo | Yinzhou New Town Skyline

'Yinzhou New Town' - Ningbo's Yinzhou District | October 10, 2010

The Yangtze River Delta is one of the bustling building centers of China where not only cities such as Shanghai 上海, Nanjing 南京 or Hangzhou 杭州 are transforming and creating new business and civic (sub)centers but where also the connections in-between them (railroads and highways) are being optimized. A few weekends ago, MovingCities went to Ningbo 宁波 – integrated into the so-called 2 hours economic circle of which Shanghai is the core – and came back with snapshots from paradise: Yinzhou New Town (District) 鄞州区. Continue reading “Ningbo | Yinzhou New Town Skyline”